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March 12 2014

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The #sciencedog craves #science

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Hanging at #NYU blurry cam is blurry (at NYU Helen & Martin Kimmel Center for University Life)

March 01 2014

Cyberpunk Jam - itch.io

Yep. I’m taking a break from science this weekend and working on cyberpunk jam - thinking I should try my hand at coding something fun with javascript for a change. 

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February 27 2014

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Fig 1. In 2008, bioengineers at the University of Minnesota stripped rat hearts of cells using detergent — you can see the results of three trials here. This process left untouched the blood vessels, collagen, and various proteins that compose the heart’s physical structure.

Fig 2. The ghost heart is flushed with red dye to show that major and minor blood vessels were left intact.

Fig 3. A researcher injects the ghost heart with heart cells from newborn mice.

Fig 4. Researchers adjusted the environmental conditions to simulate natural conditions, meaning they provided oxygenate fluids, pressure, and an electrical stimulus. You can see the bioreactor schematic here.

GIF source here. Research paper here. Less technical writeup here. More videos from the lab itself here (Supplementary Movie 1 in particular is pretty awesome).

February 26 2014

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X-15 over Edwards AFB in FlightGear

February 25 2014

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More recycling #science

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The lab fish might also be confused

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The #science dog is confused

February 24 2014

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Sculptures by Bruno Torfs

Fantastical wooden sculptures that symbolize compassion and offer visitors to the artist’s garden a source of comfort on their walks.

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February 10 2014


"Evidence presented during Private Manning’s court-martial for his role as the source for large archives of military and diplomatic files given to WikiLeaks revealed that he had used a program called “wget” to download the batches of files. That program automates the retrieval of large numbers…

Something to brighten the mood this morning. 

February 09 2014

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"War…War never changes."

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Bacterial phylogenetic tree. I love stuff like this- tree of life. 

Taking Down Silicon Valley's Electrical Grid with Rifles? - Global Guerrillas


"Last year, one or two people shot up a electrical substation in central California that fed Silicon Valley.  As is usual in this type of attack, it was successful yet nobody was arrested or hurt — which makes attacks like this easier to recruit for and easier to repeat."

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